Origami Buckyball
The Spectacular Arrangement taken by 60 Carbon Atoms

The Most Beautiful Molecule

This is an origami construction of the most beautiful molecule called the buckminsterfullerine, or buckyball which is the form taken by 60 carbon atoms.

The buckyball is a third stable form of carbon, diamond and graphite being the other two. Its discovery by Harold Kroto, Richard Smalley and Robert Curl, in 1985, ranks as one of the greatest moments in chemistry because its existence was unknown even though, for hundreds of years, carbon has been the most studied element. Having the appearance of a soccer ball, it was named after the architect, Richard Buckminster Fuller because of its geodesic shape.

The stunning properties of the buckyball:
  • It is made of 60 atoms of one element, carbon.
  • Its shape is unique in all of chemistry.
  • It has the highest symmetry of any known molecule.
  • Each atom occupies an exactly equivalent site on the molecule.
  • Each atom is joined to its neighbors in an exactly equivalent way.
  • Each atom has two single bonds and one double bond. The single bonds form the pentagons and the double bonds are only in the hexagons.
  • Because hexagons surround the pentagons, it has special stability and is extremely resilient.
It is interesting to note that the earth is in proportion to a soccer ball as a soccer ball is to a buckyball and as a buckyball is to an electron!


Origami Buckyball for Sale

We are offering the hand-made 'Origami Buckyball' for sale. Each beautiful origami is an original work of art constructed of 60 carefully folded individule 'atoms' that are assembled to form the buckyball. The assembled buckyball comes in a 4" clear plastic cube for display. A description of the buckyball is included.

Price: $129.95 + S&H

There are many representations of the buckyball, but as seen in our logo, the interrelated five- and six-pointed stars appear only in the Origami Buckyball.

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